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Let It Go: Rebel Elsa Parody by MedieavalBeabe
Let It Go: Rebel Elsa Parody
In which Elsa's parents weren't killed when she was younger, but instead raised her to be a "Perfect Girl." But Elsa's tired of being treated like a child and tells them she wants to live. Her Let It Go number here expresses her desires to try more dangerous things in life.

Let It Go:


I’ve left a lot of hearts broken tonight

No remorse, though, to be seen

After all I’ve been through in my life

Training to be your perfect Queen

Your words have been drilled into me since I was born

But I’ve had enough, I just can’t go on


“Do what you’re told,

“Don’t disagree,

“Be the “Perfect Girl” you were born to be,

“Don’t question,


“And stay at home.”

Can’t you see I’ve grown?


Let It Go

Let It Go

Can’t keep it hidden any more

Let It Go

Let It Go

This is not what I was born for

I want to drink

I want to stay out late

I want to have some fun

I refuse to be in bed by half past eight!


It’s all much brighter out here, I’m finally going to live

I’ve forgot everything you taught me, don’t care if you forgive


What are these? Drugs? I’ve got to try

I want to feel everything they supply

No right

No wrong

No rules for me

I’m free


Let It Go

Let It Go

Off with this little princess gown

Let It Go

Let it Go

Don’t ever bring me down

From this high

I feel good inside

Who’s up for a trip?


I’m not a child anymore, I’m twenty one today

And being grown up I think that means that I get a say

In how I live my life, I’m not sorry at all

By the way I’ve had sex, last week at our summer ball!

Let It Go

Let It Go

Coming home in the light of dawn

Let It Go

Let It Go

Your “Perfect Girl” is gone

I don’t care that you want her to stay

She needs to move on

I never cared for being her anyway!

Here I Go/Jemima's Parody by MedieavalBeabe
Here I Go/Jemima's Parody
A Let It Go Parody about a subject very close to my heart, the Last Invasion of Pembrokeshire. For those who don't know, the French decided to try and invade Britain in 1797 and decided that since Wales was probably the most unguarded area, they could invade from there. But, the Welsh weren't having it, and they fought back. The French saw the way the Welsh women were dressed in red jackets and black hats (traditional Welsh costume) and thought form a distance they were the Welsh army. Seeing how big the "army" was, they surrendered. One woman named Jemima Nicholas rounded up 12 French soldiers armed with nothing but a pitchfork. This is her parody song:

Here I Go:


Jemima: The sea’s suddenly become dark as night

Ships all around to be seen

Red, white and blue flags all waving

Rather than red, white and green

Invasion’s looming like stormy weather outside

But I won’t let them win, I can say I tried


Can’t let them win

Must let them see

We won’t be beaten by them so easily

Who’s with me now?

Must let them know

Yes, let them know


Here I Go

Here I Go

Just a pitchfork in my hand

Here I Go

Here I Go

To defend our ancient land

I don’t care what anyone might say

We must drive them back

The Last Invasion of Wales starts today


It’s funny how they’re running just seeing how we’re dressed

Thinking we’re the British Forces, who are we to protest?


There’s twelve more, drunk, staggering there

There’s running troops now everywhere

Hands up, stand still, surrender please

For me


Here I Go

Here I Go

Nice try, but not good enough

Here I Go

Here I Go

I’m defending this land I love

Here I stand

With pitchfork in hand

Time to drive them back


They said that it would be dangerous for women to be here

But standing by the church without military arms we’ve no fear

See the French Soldiers running to the open sea

Their petty invasion all ruined because of girls like me


Here I Go

Here I Go

Watch me rise in the break of dawn

Here I Go

Here I Go

French Invaders now be gone

Here I stand, a heroine today

Drove them all right out

The Last Invasion of Wales ended today

Let It Flow (Period Parody) by MedieavalBeabe
Let It Flow (Period Parody)
Taboo Warning, I suppose; if you don't like, don't read and please keep any snide comments to yourselves.

I got the idea from this:

Let It Flow (Period Parody):


Girls hit their teens and their adult-type dreams

Suddenly land on the floor

They start thinking “I don’t want to be grown up


There’s a sudden pain like knots clenching deep inside

Back and front and down, and lots of tears get cried


Our hormones flare

We rant and moan

Spend the next seven days staying at home

Do all we can not to let it show

And now you know


Let It Flow

Let It Flow

Can’t keep it back anymore

Let It Flow

Let It Flow

(Not over the bathroom floor!)

Our bodies don’t care if we want to swim today

Every month’s the same

(It’s a good excuse to scoff chocolate anyway!)


It’s such a pain in public

And I mean that literally

When you’ve used your last painkiller

And the cramps come suddenly


It’s time to go right back to bed

Get a blanket or heated pad instead

No swimming, no riding, no gym for you

It’s true


Let It Flow

Let It Flow

For no reason you start to cry

Let It Flow

Let It Flow

And yell when people ask you why

It’s not so bad if you’ve got stuff to take

Every month’s the same


When you’re growing up, Disney films don’t cover this

You think that growing up is just waiting around for True Love’s Kiss

They don’t tell you what happens when you come of age

The tax on pads these days sends us all into a rage


Let It Flow

Let It Flow

You’ll worry when you skip one

Let It Flow

Let it Flow

Then irritated when it comes

When it starts, though, you’ll all be ok

Every month’s the same

(It’s a good excuse to scoff chocolate every day!)

Wicked Faeries by MedieavalBeabe
Wicked Faeries
Fairy Versions of Elphaba and Glinda from Wicked (The Musical Version, that is!)
Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella by MedieavalBeabe
Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella
The Fairy Godmother, Cinderella and Prince Christopher from the 1997 movie.
Happy Birthday to Tom Hiddleston; hope you're celebrating in style!


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