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Take It Back/Richard 3rd's Parody by MedieavalBeabe
Take It Back/Richard 3rd's Parody
King Richard III's bones were laid to rest today, given a proper burial in Leicester Cathedral; and that's actually quite a big deal. So, I wrote this in the hopes of setting the record straight and reminding people that Shakespeare's version of events, as well as Thomas Moore's, are fictional and therefore nowhere close to the truth about the supposed "villainous" king. RIP Richard 3!

Take It Back (Richard 3rd Let It Go Parody)

Richard 3rd: It’s been written down now in black and white

But don’t believe anything

It’s all Tudor propaganda

That says I’m a killer King

Some say that I was crippled, twisted and absurd

But none of it’s true, not a single word


Ok, I fought on Bosworth Field

And yes it’s true that I refused to yield

Beating Henry Tudor was my quest

But as for the rest


Take it back

Take it back

I’m telling you it’s all lies

Take it back

Take it back

As a King I was young but wise

I never killed my nephews in the Tower

Why does everyone

Seem to think I was just obsessed with power?


It’s funny how everyone believes what Shakespeare wrote

Was not just a work of fiction, so his view gets their vote

But even he had to agree

Of all the suspects, it wasn’t me

Had no motive

Was not like that

It’s a fact


Take it back

Take it back

No, I never poisoned my wife

Take it back

Take it back

And never took her Father’s life

I was not the villain they portray

In Thomas Moore’s book


My power was not illegal, I had a rightful claim

To the throne, after all, there was Royal Blood flowing in my veins

I simply took the throne until my nephews came of age

Yet somehow that makes me a villain on the stage


Take it back

Take it back

My life’s shrouded in mystery

Take it back

Take it back

And the rest is history

Bury my bones

Dig them from where I fall

Many years from now

I’m the monster everyone takes me for

Non/Disney's Under Milk Wood by MedieavalBeabe
Non/Disney's Under Milk Wood
I'm quite proud of how this one turned out; I'm just sorry I couldn't fit more characters into it. But I think I got several of the best.

Anyway, here we have Disney (and Non-Disney) characters as some of the cast from Under Milk Wood.

From Left to Right: Dimitri and Eric as First and Second Voice

Naveen and Tiana as Mr Cherry Owen and Mrs Cherry Owen

Lottie as Miss Mafanwy Price

Mother Gothel as Mrs Pugh

Belle as Polly Garter

Judge Claude Frollo as Mr Pugh

Cinderella as Lily Smalls

And Peter Pan as NoGood Boyo

(And I threw in some birds just to make the picture look a bit less bare!)
Seven Disney Virtues by MedieavalBeabe
Seven Disney Virtues
And now the Seven Heavenly Virtues Disney Style. They're the complete opposite of the Sins, they just look like them physically: Patience, Charity, Temperance, Kindness, Diligence, Humility and Chastity.
Seven Disney Sins by MedieavalBeabe
Seven Disney Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins Disney Style: Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Pride and Lust. I tried to reflect each of their personalities in their clothing styles as well as the colours - for example, Sloth is wearing pyjamas, Lust is wearing a sexy dress and Wrath looks like she's wearing battle armour.
For The First Time in Hannah's Forever by MedieavalBeabe
For The First Time in Hannah's Forever
Hannah's Parody of For the First Time in Forever from Frozen - set between The Sign of Gallifrey and The Adventure of the Jewel of Seven Stars and featuring Hannah getting ready to be herself after spending so long concealing her abilities from her friends.

She sings both Anna and Elsa's parts.

For the First Time in Forever:


Hannah: It’s time for adventure

Open the door

Come on, Doctor, what’s the waiting for?

Who knew I’d feel like this next time on Earth?

For years I’ve kept it locked inside

Thought it was something I had to hide

But finally comes what I’ve wanted since birth


To show it off in front of people at last seems totally strange

But now I feel so ready for this change


‘Cause For the First Time in Forever

I can finally Let It Go

For the First Time in Forever

I can let everyone know

Don’t know if I’m excited or anxious

Guess I’m somewhere in between

‘Cause For the First Time in Forever

I’ll let my powers be seen


(I can’t wait to show the others. I hope Lestrade forgives me for hitting him with that branch!)


Today imagine me, ice and all

Excavating a Pyramid wall

Finding a long lost Pharaoh and his wife

Everyone’ll see me standing there

Same old Hannah, new clothes and hair

Using an ice bow if a mummy comes to life!


And wherever we’ll go next I know I don’t have to be afraid

Of any stormy weather that I’ve made


For the First Time in Forever

This strange magic can come out

For the First Time in Forever

They’ll know what I’m all about

And I know that sounds totally crazy

But I’ve held it back so long

Now For the First Time in Forever

It won’t seem so wrong


Don’t let them in

Don’t let them see

Be the normal girl you always have to be


Don’t feel

Put on a show

Make one wrong move and everyone will know

But it all changes today

It’s agony to wait

Show the world all that I can create!




And For the First Time in Forever

Everything just feels so right

For the First Time in Forever

The future is looking bright

With the Doctor right by my side

I feel I'm finally free

‘Cause For the First Time in Forever

For the First Time in Forever

I’m ready to be me!

Happy Birthday to Tom Hiddleston; hope you're celebrating in style!


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