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Up I Go/Let It Go Parody by MedieavalBeabe
Up I Go/Let It Go Parody

An Elsa-with-Flight-Powers parody:

Up I Go:


The air is still and silent tonight

Not a person in sight

Not even a bird or bat somewhere

Up there, taking flight

I know I’ve ruined everything now that they see

But I can’t help that, it’s a part of me


“Think weighty thoughts”

“Stay on the ground”

“Don’t let it go when there are others around”

“Don’t fly”

“Don’t try”

“Don’t let them know...”

But now they know


Up I Go

Up I Go

I’m defying gravity

Up I Go

Up I Go

Now I’m finally flying free

I don’t care what they’re going to say

Let me fly once more

Heights never bothered me anyway


I always felt so different staying always on my feet

But now I don’t have to do that, I feel my life’s complete


It’s time to see what I can do

To walk the clouds and treetops too

I’m feather light

I’ll never fall

At all


Up I Go

Up I Go

I am one with the bluest sky

Up I Go

Up I Go

Like an angel I will fly

Here and now it’s going to be this way

Let me fly once more


I swirl and dive like a swallow leaving in spring

My fears have lifted and I’m not worried about a thing

As one thought sweeps into my mind I know I’ve found

My place as Queen of Sky, and they can’t pull me down


Up I Go

Up I Go

Watch me rise like the breaking dawn

Up I Go

Up I Go

Your grounded girl is gone

Here I soar

Let me fly once more

Heights never bothered me anyway

Shattered Ice by MedieavalBeabe
Shattered Ice
A little WhoLock/UK Avengers promo of my OC Hannah. If you've read Loki's Angels, which is really the first fanfic you should read in connection with both series, you'll know that she sings the song Shattered by Trading Yesterday to a young Loki in that - although I often imagine her singing this version rather than the original:…. I'm beginning to think it's a good song all round for the entire fanfic series, though, for when any of the characters gets scared.

Look at the lyrics:

"There's a light, there's a sun,
"Taking all the shattered ones
"To the place we belong
"And his love will conquer all..."

Each of them is somewhat "shattered" in their own way, and then the Doctor is the "light" that they all drift to when they need help.

So I think I'll give that song a special purpose in the stories as the song that always stops any of them feeling scared, giving them more confidence than before, like it's got a special power or something.


Original Base by Raygirlbases, found here:…

You can read the fanfics here (begin with Loki's Angels, and then move onto what's in the WhoLock series so far):…
Let 'Em Burn by MedieavalBeabe
Let 'Em Burn
I know there's already a Let 'Em Burn parody out there, but I couldn't resist writing my own, in which Elsa gets give fire powers by the Devil who wants to make her his Queen. She's the ultimate bad girl in this!

Let ‘Em Burn:


The flames roar red and everyone’s dead

No live person to be seen

A kingdom of complete destruction

And it looks like I’m the Queen

The wind is howling like the Devil deep inside

No keeping it in, not that I ever tried


“Don’t let them in,

“Don’t let them see,

“Be a good girl and don’t tell about me,


“Don’t feel,

“Don’t let them learn...”

 But now it’s my turn


Let ‘Em Burn

Let ‘Em Burn

Send the fire raging full score

Let ‘Em Burn

Let ‘Em Burn

Start a fire and lock the door

I don’t care as they burn away

Let the fires rage on

Flames never bothered me anyway


It’s funny how it happened, destruction all so fast

And I feel like I can finally be free to live at last


So now they’ve seen all I can do

There’s fire and smoke and screaming too

No right

No wrong

No rules for me

I’m free


Let ‘Em Burn

Let ‘Em Burn

They’ll see fire fall from the sky

Let ‘Em Burn

Let ‘Em Burn

And I’ll laugh as I watch them die

Here I stand, Hell’s my only way

Let the fires rage on


The burning Gates of Hell are now opening up to me

I’m ready to take my place as the Queen that I was born to be

As I descend I see Satan extend his hand

We’re going to rule the world just like he always planned


Let ‘Em Burn

Let ‘Em Burn

And I’ll rise in the blazing dawn

Let ‘Em Burn

Let ‘Em Burn

Their rejected girl is gone

Here I stand, burning the past away

Let the fires rage on

Flames never bothered me anyway

Belle's Frozen Adventure Part 2 by MedieavalBeabe
Belle's Frozen Adventure Part 2

Adam had barely walked through the gates when he felt something barge into the back of his leg. He turned and grinned at the reindeer panting like a dog, looking like it might leap up on him and start licking him at any second.


“Hey, Sven!” he grinned. “Of course I brought you something.”


Sven looked very eager as he produced a carrot from his pocket. “What’s the magic word?” Sven made a pleading face. “Please?” Adam translated and then gave it to him. Sven scoffed it in one.


“Hey!” came a voice behind him. “What have I always told you about sharing?”


Sven pouted and produced the rest of the carrot for his master. Kristoff grinned at Adam as he took a bite of it. “You’re spoiling him, Adam.”


Adam laughed as Sven made an indignant face. “You can never have too many carrots, can you, Sven? No,” he added as a translation of Sven’s headshake, “Adam’s right. Listen to Adam.”


“When do I ever do anything else?” Kristoff asked.


They both turned as they heard someone say “I bet the Queen and Princesses are beautiful.”


“Typical,” Adam smiled, folding his arms. “That’s all they care about, isn’t it, toffs?”


“Yeah, while we’re actually doing hard work, trying to scrape a living in cold weather,” Kristoff agreed, holding out the rest of the carrot to him. “You want this?”


“You’re alright,” Adam declined with a grin.


Inside the palace itself, the mood was less relaxed. Belle had never seen her sister so excitable before, or if she had, she couldn’t remember it. Anna was sliding down the banisters and bounding on the furniture, giddy with excitement.


“I can’t wait to meet everyone!” she gushed, and then with a gasp, she grabbed her sister’s hands. “What if I meet “the” one?”


“Well, I suppose it’s possible,” Belle mused, thoughtfully, “but then again...”


“Ooh, chocolate!” Anna exclaimed, seeing a pile of it on a table.


Belle laughed and they both ran over to investigate. One thing she and her sisters had in common was a deep love of chocolate.


Anna gasped again, suddenly. “You could meet “the” one, too, Belle! We could have a double wedding!”


Belle decided it was time to be frank with her sister. “Anna, you can’t just marry the first person you meet at a ball.”


“You can if it’s True Love.”


“I’m not sure I even believe in True Love, and even if it does exist, I’d say it takes considerably longer than a night to find out.”


“But when you make a connection with someone, you just know!” Anna insisted, twirling theatrically.


Belle decided it was useless trying to argue. Once Anna got an idea into her head, it was very difficult to dissuade her from it. And after all, today was meant to be a happy day, not a day for starting a row with her sister, so she kept quiet and allowed Anna to drag her outside. They skipped down the steps together and ran along the docks, where Anna promptly collided with a horse and found herself knocked into a boat.


“Anna!” Belle exclaimed, turning indignantly to the man who was on the horse. “That’s my sister, you idiot! Are you alright?” she added to Anna, who didn’t look to be hurt, just a bit startled.


“I’m so sorry,” said the rider, dismounting.


“Um...” Anna blinked at him. He was a tall, handsome regal gentleman with red hair, and suddenly she became contrite and flustered. Ignoring her sister’s hand in favour of his, she allowed him to pull her to her feet. “Yeah, I just wasn’t looking where I was going.”


“Well, thank goodness,” the stranger smiled, and then turned to Belle with a small bow. “I hope you can accept my apologies, my lady. My name is Prince Hans, of the Southern Isles.”


Belle returned it with a small curtsey. “Princess Belle of Arendelle, and this is my sister, Anna.”


“Oh, well, then I apologise for hitting a Princess of Arendelle with my horse,” Hans replied.


“Oh, no, it’s fine, really,” Anna stammered.


“Hans? Where are you?” The three of them looked up to see a tall, muscular man with black hair dressed in a red jacket striding towards the docks. “Ah.”


“May I present my cousin, Prince Gaston,” Hans smiled, helping Anna out of the boat she had landed in. “Gaston, the Princesses of Arendelle.”


“Well, hello, there,” Gaston said, kissing Belle’s hand. He seemed a little too friendly for her liking, but she tried to sound polite as she replied “It’s nice to meet you,” and managed to wriggle her hand free of his discreetly.


“The bells!” Anna stammered, grabbing her sister’s hand as the bells sounded. “The coronation! We’ve got to go! Bye!”


“Bye!” Belle managed to say just as Anna pulled her away from the docks. Anna giggled as they left. “Wasn’t he handsome, Belle?”


“Sure, although his cousin was a bit, well...urgh,” Belle smiled, and they both laughed.


Watching them leave, Gaston turned to his cousin. “So, which one are you taking, ‘cause I’m favouring the dark one.”


“Keep your voice down,” Hans muttered. “Otherwise they’ll suspect something.”


As Princesses, Anna and Belle had to stand opposite the Bishop during the coronation. Belle was itching to be able to talk to Elsa when she came in, but she knew that they had to be quiet during the actual ceremony, so she just smiled at her, seeing her sister looked very nervous. But then, after all, that was natural, she was twenty one years old and about to be crowned Queen of Arendelle.


Anna spotted Hans and Gaston in the audience, sitting close together. Hans waved at her and she smiled, knowing she was blushing.


“Your Majesty,” the Bishop whispered to Elsa. “The gloves.”


Reluctantly, Elsa slipped off her gloves and took hold of the orb and sceptre as the Bishop finished his piece and announced her “Queen Elsa of Arendelle.”


No sooner had he said the words, Elsa dropped the orb and sceptre back onto the cushion, pulled her gloves back on and turned to face the applause. The rest was a blur, all Belle was aware of next was being announced and ushered to stand by Elsa for the ball.


“Hi,” Elsa smiled, quietly.


“Hi,” Anna replied, nervously.


“Hi,” Belle echoed, wishing that she could hug both her sisters, but after all this time it just felt so awkward.


“You two look beautiful,” Elsa told them.


“So do you,” Belle replied.


“Yeah, beautifuler. I mean, not fuller,” Anna gabbled, “just more beautiful.”


“So, this is what a party looks like,” Elsa commented, looking over their dancing guests.


“Yeah,” Anna agreed. “It’s warmer than I thought.”


“And what is that amazing smell?” Elsa asked.


They all sniffed the air and said in unison “Chocolate!” causing them all to giggle.


Kai, the castle overseer, had just come up with a short, bespectacled old man behind him. “Your Majesty,” he said, “the Duke of Weaseltown.”


“Weselton!” the Duke corrected him, sharply. “Your Majesty, as your closes partner in trade, it seems only fitting I offer you your first dance as Queen.”


“Um, thank you,” Elsa smiled, managing not to laugh as his toupee nearly came off with his bow, “only I don’t dance. But my sisters do.”


“Wait, what?” Anna exclaimed as the Duke grabbed her hand and whisked her into the dance floor.


“Sorry,” Elsa apologised.


Belle giggled. “You know, if you do that with me, I’ll be arrested for assassinating the ruler of Arendelle!”


They both laughed and kept on laughing as Anna and the Duke danced together. Eventually, however, Anna made her way back to them.


“He was actually quite good,” Belle commented.


“Yeah, for a man in heels,” Anna replied, rubbing her foot. She smiled, wistfully. “I wish it could always be like this.”


“Me too,” Elsa agreed, and then looked away. “But it can’t.”


“Why?” Belle asked.


“It just can’t,” Elsa said, sharply.


Anna flinched. “Um, excuse me for a second.”


“Yeah, me too,” Belle muttered, stepping down from where she had been standing. Elsa watched them go with a sigh, wishing there was just some way they could understand why it couldn’t always be like this.


Belle made her way through the crowds of dancers. She spotted Anna talking to Hans, and smiled to herself. Perhaps he could cheer her up a bit. Why did Elsa have to keep shutting them out, literally? They were sisters, after all, you shouldn’t abandon family.


Especially when two sisters were the only family you had left.


With a sigh, Belle decided to duck out of the ballroom before the Duke of Weaseltown, sorry, Weselton, could catch her for a dance too. She slipped quietly out into the corridor and wandered out through the front doors. It was a warm night, being the middle of summer, so she wandered thoughtfully down the steps, taking her book out from where she had concealed it down the front of her dress, and set off along the dock.


The story was an old favourite, one she had read countless times before, about far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, and a prince in disguise, and she was just getting to the part where the heroine met Prince Charming for the first time without knowing who he actually was, when a voice said “Watch out!” and brought her up short.


Glancing up, she saw a man with light auburn hair and blue eyes standing atop the steps, hands on his hips, with a large sleigh beside him.


She blinked at him, rather indignantly. “I’m quite good at reading and walking at the same time, I’ll have you know, a feat which I’m sure you have a lot of trouble with.”


The man simply responded to this slight with a casual shrug. “Fine. I just thought that if I didn’t say something, I’d have to fish you out of the fjord and then you’d have to go back to that party dripping wet.”


Belle instantly felt bad for her reproach. “Oh, well, in that case I apologise.”


The man shrugged again. “Must be a pretty good book. I shouted three times before you actually heard me.”


Curiously, Belle watched him fix the broken strap on the sleigh, and went up to him. “iIs this yours?”


“No, it belongs to my friend,” the man replied. “He’ll be along in a minute and then we can get going.”


“How come you’re not at the party? I thought everyone was invited.”


“Not us. We’re just passing through.”


“Oh.” Belle was surprised to find that she was disappointed. He was actually rather good looking. “Do you trade here a lot?”


“In winter,” the man replied, straightening up. He offered her a smile and then held out his hand. “I’m Adam, by the way.”


“I’m Belle,” Belle replied, shaking his hand, and then noticing when she pulled hers away that there was a bit of carrot stuck to it.


“Ah.” Adam looked embarrassed as he removed it. “Sorry, that’s from-”


“Feeding your horse?” Belle guessed.


“Nearly right,” Adam smiled. “Feeding Sven.”




“My friend’s reindeer. He pulls this.”


He tapped the sleigh.


“Oh.” Belle smiled. “I like reindeer. They’re much friendlier than horses.”


“Yeah, and they’ve got more personality too,” Adam agreed. “Over here!” he called, suddenly, and Belle realised he was probably calling to his friend.


“Um, I should probably get back,” she said. “My sisters will be wondering where I am.”


“Well, if anyone asks, I won’t tell them you were so bored that you came out to read,” Adam replied.


Belle laughed. “Thank you.”


She made her way back inside where someone almost ran into her. It was Anna, dragging Hans with her.


“Belle!” She gave a squeal of delight. “Guess what? We’re getting married!”


Belle actually dropped her book in shock. “Wh-what?”


“Isn’t it wonderful?” Anna gushed, grabbing her hand too and pulling her towards the ballroom. Belle felt like her head was reeling, this was all happening son quickly.


“How long was I gone for?” she muttered. Or perhaps she had just misheard whatever Anna had really said. It would all be cleared up soon, she was sure.


“Elsa! I mean Queen!” Anna called, spotting Elsa a little way away.


Elsa looked up in surprise and turned patiently to hear what they were about to say.


“May I present Prince Hans of the Southern Isles,” Anna announced.


Hans bowed. “Your Majesty,” he said, formally.


Then, he and Anna both started talking at the same time.


“We would like...your blessing...of our marriage!”


No, Belle realised, she hadn’t misheard after all.


“Marriage?” Elsa repeated.


“Wel, well, you sly dog,” laughed Gaston, who was nearby. “Getting engaged without telling your own cousin!”


Belle didn’t like the way he was looking at her, and she promptly moved closer to Elsa.


Anna began babbling in excitement, clearly too absorbed in the whole thing to realise just how ridiculous it was. Elsa tried to interrupt, and then looked at Belle. “Look, what’s going on?”


“I don’t know,” Belle admitted. “I wasn’t around when it happened.”


“Just wait,” Elsa interrupted as Anna had just suggested that all twelve of Hans’s brothers come to live with them. “Slow down. No one’s brothers are coming to live here. No one’s getting married.”


Belle felt relieved. “Thank goodness,” she muttered. Twelve men around like Hans, and she suspected Gaston too, would have been unbearable.


Anna blinked, confused. “Wait, what?”


“Anna, maybe we should talk about this alone?” Belle ventured.


“No,” Anna said. “Whatever you’ve got to say, your Majesty, you can say it to both of us.”


“Fine,” Elsa sighed. “You can’t marry a man you just met.”


“You can if it’s True Love,” Anna argued back.


“Anna-” Belle began.


“What do you know about True Love?” Elsa tried to reason.


“More than you,” Anna fired. “All you know is how to shut people out.”


“Anna!” Belle made a motion for her to stop, this was getting out of hand, but her sister ignored her in favour of firing at her “Whose side are you on, Belle?”


Belle flinched. “No one’s, but Elsa’s right. Have you even thought this through?”


“Of course I have!” Anna insisted. “I told you, it’s True Love!”




“Oh, just shut up, Belle, for once you might actually be wrong about something!”


“Anna, leave Belle out of this,” Elsa commanded. Belle shot her older sister a grateful look. Sometimes Anna could be hurtful without even meaning to be. It was just when she got passionate about something, she let her emotions run away with her. “You asked for my blessing but my answer is no. Now...excuse me.”


She started to walk away. Belle was about to go after her when Hans butted in “Your Majesty, if I may ease your-”


“No, you may not,” Elsa answered, in a clipped tone. “And I think you should go. The party is over.” She turned to a guard. “Close the gates.”


“Yes, your Majesty,” the guard replied.


Belle felt a rush of anxiety and she ran after her sister. “Elsa, wait.”


“Belle, please-Anna!” Elsa spun around as Anna reached for her but only managed to grab her glove off her hand. “Give me my glove!”


“Elsa, please,” Anna begged. “I can’t live like this anymore. Neither of us can.”


“Then leave,” Elsa replied, her expression hurt.


“No!” Belle took another step towards her. “We’re a family, we should stick together.”


She extended a hand to Elsa, but Elsa just gave her an upset look and turned away.


“What did we ever do to you?” Anna cried.


“Enough, Anna!”


“No! Why do you shut us out? Why do you shut worlds out?”


“Anna-!” Belle began. She could tell from Elsa’s posture that she was struggling to control her emotions, and this was getting out of hand.


“What are you afraid of?” Anna shouted, ignoring her younger sister.


“I said enough!” Elsa shouted back, turning with a gesture of her hand. The gesture caused icy stalagmites to burst up from the floor and shoot towards Anna, Belle and their guests, slowly coming to a halt before they could actually hurt anyone. Everyone gasped and stared at Elsa. Belle could see that she was clearly terrified...and now it was starting to make sense, why Elsa had always shut them out, why she was so afraid of letting anyone else in.


She didn’t want to hurt anyone with her cryokinetic powers.


“Sorcery!” the Duke hissed. “I knew there was something dubious going on here!”


“Elsa...” Anna whispered in disbelief.


Elsa turned and ran out of the room.


Anna and Belle looked at one another in a mixture of shock, amazement and fear...before promptly running after her.

Let It Go, Let It Glow by MedieavalBeabe
Let It Go, Let It Glow
Just something I came up with when I found myself thinking "What if the UK Avengers went to Parallel Earth? Naturally there'd be a Parallel Hannah, after all there were Parallel Jackie, Pete and Mickey in the Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel. But what would she be like?" And then it hit me, well, as a parallel to Hannah, she'd have different powers.

So, meet Anna, Hannah's Parallel Earth counterpart, of red hair, reading glasses and fire powers.

And here's their song:

Let It Go, Let It Glow:


Hannah: The snow glows white on the mountain tonight

Only cold now everywhere


Anna: A place of incineration

Ashes falling through the air


Hannah: The wind keeps howling like my powers deep inside


Anna: Cannot keep it back, Hell knows I have tried


Both: Don’t let them in

Don’t let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be


Hannah: Conceal, don’t feel


Anna: Don’t let them know


Both: But now they know


Hannah: Let It Go


Anna: Let It Glow


Both: Can’t hold it back anymore


Hannah: Let It Go


Anna: Let It Glow


Hannah: Turn and slam the Tardis door


Anna: I don’t care what they’re going to say


Hannah: Let the storm rage on

Both: The cold/heat never bothered me anyway


Anna: It’s funny how us meeting makes everything seem bright

And the happiness inside me sets everything alight


Hannah: It’s time to see what we can do

It’s fire and ice all the way through


Anna: No right, no wrong


Both: Just you and me


Hannah: We’re free


Let It Go


Anna: Let It Glow


Hannah: We’ll be one with the snowy sky


Let It Go


Anna: Let It Glow

The fires are burning high

Here I stand


Hannah: Born to be this way


Anna: Let the storm rage on


My powers fire the furnace of eternal flame


Hannah: The snow is falling faster, crystallizing once again


Anna: And one thought fills my head in one great fiery blast


Hannah: I’m never going back


Both: The past is in the past


Hannah: Let It Go


Anna: Let It Glow


Hannah: And we’ll rise like a snowy dawn

Let It Go


Anna: Let It Glow

The girl they thought they knew is gone


Hannah: Here we stand in the light of day


Anna: Let the storms rage on


Both: The cold/heat never bothered me anyway!

Happy Bonfire Night everyone in the UK! Can you believe it was 410 years ago today that Guy Fawkes was rolling in the barrels of gunpowder to blow up Parliament, and we're still celebrating??? LOL!


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