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Meridd's 'Faerie Girlfriend' by MedieavalBeabe
Meridd's 'Faerie Girlfriend'
Fanart for my good friend MiyuxTheNobody for her fanfiction Faerie Tale! (In the hope it might help her out of her writer's block xxx)
Phantom of the Opera Genderbend by MedieavalBeabe
Phantom of the Opera Genderbend

The classic story of Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera, a tale of a young rising soprano haunted by a mysterious ghost who is obsessed with her voice, and torn between him and her childhood sweetheart, gets a genderbent makeover...




Phantom/Erik = Phantom/Erika        


Christine Daae = Christian Daae


Raoul de Chagny = Raquel de Chagny


Madame Giry = Monsieur Giry


Meg Giry = Mel Giry


La Carlotta = La Carlos


Signor Piangi = Signora Piangia


Monsieur Andre = Madame Andrea


Monsieur Firman = Madame Firmana

Joseph Bouquet = Josie Bouquet


 (Seriously thinking about making this a story!)

Let It Play/Genderbent Phantom Parody by MedieavalBeabe
Let It Play/Genderbent Phantom Parody
I was playing around on XGirl maker and came up with a Genderbent Phantom of the Opera - Erika. And she has her own version of Let It Go from Frozen, called Let It Play:

The stalls are quiet in the theatre tonight

No more music in the air

A kingdom built for opera

And I hate when no one’s there

Yet I feel music swelling deep within my soul

Such a beautiful sound I cannot control


Don’t go out there

Don’t let them see

Be the phantom that you’ve been forced to be


You’re real

And hide away

So far away


Let It Play

Let It Play

Music that the world needs to hear

Let It Play

Let It Play

Send it to them loud and clear

I don’t care what they say about me

Let my songs play on

The world will revel in my melodies


It’s strange how sitting down here I’m suddenly walking tall

All those people who once hurt me can’t get to me at all


It’s time to show what I can do

I’ll find a muse to sing songs to

Someone whose voice can set them free

For me


Let It Play

Let It Play

I’ve a talent that I must show

Let It Play

Let It Play

I have lyrics the world must know

Here I’ll write and down here I’ll be

Let my songs play on


All the beautiful notes that once lived in my head

I’ll pour out onto paper so they’ll be sung after I’m dead

And when I’ve found the voice to make my songs take flight

I’ll fill all Paris with the Music of the Night



Let It Play

Let It Play

And I’ll bathe in their rising applause

Let It Play

Let It Play

The Phantom will pen such scores

Here and now and they’ll cheer for me

Let my songs play on

The world will revel in my melodies

(And yes, I know some of you are going to point out that she looks like Eponine from Les Miz in her last outfit, but that was not done intentionally)

If You Can Dream Part 2 by MedieavalBeabe
If You Can Dream Part 2

“Wow!” Belle whispered, glancing around the room. It was certainly a lot larger than her familiar bedroom back at home, painted china white with delicate pink and green shades along the walls and furnishings. The whole place smelled of some kind of flower, orchids, possibly, and felt spacious and clean. A wide stained-glass window showed pictures of magical-looking roses and looked out across the beautiful grounds below. Reaching for the catch, Belle realised that she could step out onto the white marble balcony beyond. It would be wonderful to sit there with a book, she reflected. Then, turning her head, she let out a gasp as she spotted a large ornately carved bookshelf filled with, well, books, what else?


She dropped her bag and her cloak onto the rose-patterned bedspread and stretched. The journey had tired her a bit, but judging by the ticking of the old grandfather clock behind the door, it would soon be time for dinner. Idly she wondered what kinds of food would be on offer to her in a hotel that had clearly once been a castle. With a happy sigh that she was here at last, after all the weeks of planning, she began to unpack her clothes and hang them all in the elegant wardrobe beside the window. Many of her dresses looked like the blue one she was currently wearing, although she had a few in green and pink too. Suddenly she found herself wondering if there was a town nearby where she might possibly buy a new one, maybe treat herself to something a little grander for staying in a place like this.


Smiling to herself, Belle made her way out of her room and decided to go for a quick explore of the hotel. There were signs pointing the way, one showing that the library was on the top floor, one stating that there was a pool downstairs and one showing the way to the restaurant.


She took her time in exploring, finally locating the library and quickly becoming lost again in its vast labyrinth of bookshelves before finally finding the door and making her way along the corridor until she reached a sign stating “West Wing Off Limits to Guests.” With a shrug, she turned and made her way back down the stairs and headed for the restaurant, following the smell of what she recognised to be Cajun spices and finding herself in a room filled with tables, the majority of which were occupied by other guests.


Someone nudged into her suddenly with an exclamation of “Och! Sorry!”


 “Hi,” Belle smiled.


“Oh, hey,” Merida replied, brushing her hair out of her eyes. “Lookin’ for a table?”


 “Yeah, I think we’ll be hard-pushed to find one,” Belle said, glancing around the very crowded room.


A sudden whistled alerted them to the fact that Jasmine was standing by a table near the window, beckoning to them. They made their way over, to find her seated opposite Elsa, who smiled shyly at them.


“I think you’d be hard-pushed to find a table alone, sorry,” Jasmine said.


“That’s alright,” Belle replied. “I didn’t think it’d be so crowded.”


“I guess everyone else here had the same idea as us,” Elsa ventured.


“God, I’m starving,” Merida said, pulling up a chair beside her. “I wonder what’s on the menu.”


 “Evenin’, ladies,” said a friendly-looking black woman wearing an orange uniform and holding a notebook and pen, “My name’s Tiana and I make it a rule to personally serve new guests to the hotel on their first day, so what’ll it be?”


 The four girls glanced at their menus and quickly decided what they all wanted, giggling in surprise whenever any of them made the same choice as another, and Tiana promised them faithfully that their food wouldn’t take long. A few minutes later, she emerged from the kitchen with a basket full of bread and butter and a large jug of water before disappearing back through the double swing doors into the kitchen again.


 Merida picked up a piece of bread and spread on a generous pat of butter. “So, what are your rooms like? I always wonder whether rooms in hotels are all exactly the same as each other or individually decorated.”


“Mine’s white, pink and green,” Elsa replied.


“Mine too,” Jasmine added.


“And mine,” Belle said.


“Aw, so’s mine, that’s boring,” Merida said through a mouthful of bread.


To make conversation, Belle asked “What have you lot got planned for tomorrow? I was wondering about seeing if there’s a village or something nearby where I can buy a new dress.”


“I was thinking about doing something like that,” Jasmine said. “The brochure doesn’t say if there’s one nearby.” She grinned at them. “Guess it’ll be an adventure.”


“An adventure?” Merida sat up straighter. “Count me in!”


“Yeah, that sounds like fun,” Elsa added, smiling.


It was odd, Belle thought, as Tiana brought their gumbo, how the four of them seemed to have drifted together, like people sometimes did when holidaying in the same place, but it was also nice, she noted, not to have be alone, to be with people who were in the same position and who had no qualms whatsoever about joining up with some people they had only just met.


“Mm!” Jasmine smiled, nodding to Tiana as she made her way back into the kitchen, “this is wonderful.”


“I’ll say,” Merida agreed. “Could someone pass the bread basket, please?”


“The brochure doesn’t really say that much at all, really,” Belle noted, drifting back to the subject of exploring. “It didn’t say anything about the West Wing being forbidden.”


“Well, maybe it’s having repair work done or something,” Elsa suggested.


“Really the whole thing just describes the hotel itself, though,” Jasmine said, thoughtfully. “You think it’d say something about the staff or something. We don’t even know who owns this hotel either.”


 “Maybe they like giving us an air of mystery,” Merida grinned, mischievously.


“Well, it delivers,” Belle pointed out. “It’s as nice as the brochure said, from what I’ve seen of it so far.”


“I’m going to check out the grounds later,” Merida said. “One of the maids told me that they had a really good archery area out back.”


“I was thinking of going for a swim,” Elsa said.


“That sounds good, I might join you,” Jasmine added.


“Well, I found the library earlier, so I’ll probably be in there all night,” Belle smiled.


“Evening, ladies,” said a suave voice and the four of them glanced up in surprise at a man with Arabian skin and dark hair, and dressed in rather lavish white clothes that screamed “Wealth,” grinning at them as he leaned over the table. “I’ve not seen any of you here before.”


 “Well, you wouldn’t have,” Jasmine replied, politely. “We’re all new here.”


“You’re a regular?” Elsa asked.


“Oh, yes, I come here every summer,” the stranger replied, flashing them a winning smile. “Sorry, where are my manners? Prince Aladdin Ababawa, at your service should you ever need it.” Since Jasmine was nearest, he took her hand and kissed it. She immediately felt a tingling rush through her whole body and knew she was blushing. “And you are...?”


“Jasmine Blue,” she smiled.


“Delighted,” Prince Aladdin replied, looking around at them all.


“And I’m Elsa Arandell,” Elsa put in.


“Merida Dunbroch,” Merida added.


“And I’m Belle French,” Belle finished.


“Lovely to meet you all,” Prince Aladdin smiled. “I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other during your stay. You know, if there’s anything you need to know about the hotel, you just have to ask.”


“How come the West Wing’s off limits?” Belle jumped in before Jasmine could speak.


“Ah.” Prince Aladdin ran a hand through his fringe, sheepishly, and straightened his turban. “I don’t actually know, it’s always been that way. I’ve been coming here for about five years now, and each time’s always the same. Guess there’s something up there Adam Prince doesn’t want the guests to see.”


“Adam Prince? Is that the owner?” Elsa asked.


“That’s him,” Prince Aladdin replied. “He can be a bit of a grumpy sort, so you’d be best not to get on the wrong side of him.”


“Well, what does he look like?” Merida asked. “So we know to avoid him?”


Prince Aladdin grinned at her. “He’s tall, auburn hair and blue eyes, usually wears a white shirt and dark trousers. Most of the time he just makes sure the hotel’s running alright without actually making an appearance.”


“Told you,” Merida grinned at Belle. “Air of mystery.”


“Oh, you won’t regret staying in a place like this if it’s mysteries you’re after,” Prince Aladdin grinned, signalling a nearby waiter. “Yes, I’ll have my usual table, please. Ladies, I’m afraid I must leave you for now, but I hope to see you all again soon.”


With a suave swish of his cloak, he spun on his heel and disappeared amongst the dining guests.


“Well...he seemed friendly,” Elsa said, eventually.


“A little too friendly if you ask me,” Merida replied.


“Yes, I was just thinking the same thing,” Elsa agreed.


Tiana brought them their main course, chicken etouffee, which was delicious, and then dessert, which consisted of lemon icebox pie, and which was also delicious.


“So, shall we meet up or something tomorrow?” Merida asked. “If we’re going to try and find a town or something?”


“How about first thing after breakfast?” Belle asked. “We’ll see each other then.”


“That sounds good,” Elsa smiled.


“Come on, then, let’s go and find the pool,” Jasmine said to her, getting to her feet.


“Oh, I saw a sign earlier, it’s downstairs,” Belle said.


“Thanks. Come on.” Jasmine grabbed Elsa’s arm, and Elsa tensed before remembering she had her gloves on, so she wasn’t likely to freeze her new friend solid. Throwing a mock “Help Me,” look to Belle and Merida, she allowed Jasmine to drag her from the room.


“Poor Elsa,” Merida giggled. “I’d better get to the archery ground before it gets dark.”


“Yes, I don’t imagine any of the guests would be happy if you accidently shot them,” Belle joked and they both laughed. Pushing back their chairs, they both left, Belle taking a right up the stairs and Merida aiming for the doors leading towards the gardens. The sun would probably set in a few hours, Belle reasoned, plenty enough time to read at least one of the books in the library that looked interesting.


She was halfway through one, sitting in the windowseat with her feet up, when it happened. The door opened and she almost leapt out of her seat with a start as a man who looked exactly the way Prince Aladdin had described Adam Prince walked into the room. She watched, feeling like a child caught out doing something wrong, as he walked towards the nearest bookshelf and extracted a book, flicked through it and made a decisive face as if he had found the one he needed.


Then, his blue eyes fixed on her.


“Good evening,” Belle stammered, politely.


“Who are you?” Adam Prince asked.


“Belle French, I checked in earlier today.”


Adam looked her up and down and then said “Right,” before turning and marching from the room.


Belle blinked after him, wondering how someone who owned a place like The Enchanted Palace Hotel could be so unfriendly to the guests.

The Day The Magic Died (A Disney Parody) by MedieavalBeabe
The Day The Magic Died (A Disney Parody)
I've been meaning to write this for a while. I don't know what all you other die hard Disney fans think about them suddenly switching to 3D for every film and not going back to the old ways of doing it, but I grew up with 2D Disney films and I'm beginning to feel like all these new Disney films don't have the same magical feel to them as the old ones. So I came up with this parody of American Pie to express my feelings on the matter:

The Day The Magic Died (Parody of American Pie):


A long, long time ago

I can still remember

How the ink and paint would make me smile

There was love at first sight, young romance

Balls where Princes and Beauties danced

And everyone was happy for a while


I’d see Snow White fall in love

And Peter Pan flying high above

Animation made it so

I’d see Mulan’s gang were on a roll

See Hercules saving his Meg’s soul

Watch Aurora and Phillip dance real slow


Well, I knew that Al loved his Jasmine

‘Cause I saw them take a carpet spin

That became a worldwide cruise

While Jafar tried to get his dues


I was a lonely girl stuck in the past

When Disney films were 2D and perfectly cast

But I knew my dreams could never last

The Day the Magic Died


I’ve started singing

Bye, bye, “You can fly, you can fly,”

No more living “Under the Sea”

No more “Circle of Life”

I could “Let It Go”

But that wouldn’t be right

‘Cause this is the day Disney films died

This is the day Disney films died


When Tangled hit I thought “This is it,

Disney films have really turned into the pits,”

Well, alright, it wasn’t that bad

But it’s not the same as it was before

And I doubt I’ll get that anymore

When you think about it, it seems kind of sad


The Princess and the Frog was “Almost There”

But even then I tell you I was not prepared

For 3D to take over

And I didn’t even get closure


And the three Princesses I wanted to be

Belle, Jasmine and I guess Nancy

They had their funerals in 2D

The Day the Magic died


I’ve started singing

Bye, bye, “You can fly, you can fly,”

No more living “Under the Sea”

No more “Circle of Life”

I could “Let It Go”

But that wouldn’t be right

‘Cause this is the day Disney films died

This is the day Disney films died


Bye, bye, “You can fly, you can fly,”

No more living “Under the Sea”

No more “Circle of Life”

I could “Let It Go”

But that wouldn’t be right

‘Cause this is the day Disney films died

This is the day Disney films died

Happy Birthday to Tom Hiddleston; hope you're celebrating in style!


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