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If You Can Dream Part 1 by MedieavalBeabe
If You Can Dream Part 1

“Belle, are you sure about this?” Maurice asked his daughter for the sixteenth time.


Belle smiled to herself, knowing that her Papa was only worried about her, after all it was the first time she had ever done anything like this.


“Yes, Papa, I’m going to be fine. The brochure says it’s a very nice class of hotel, very safe and welcoming.”


“You shouldn’t believe everything you read, Belle.”


“Says the man who taught me to read in the first place!” Belle laughed, leaning down to kiss the old man’s cheek as she picked up her bag.


“You know, if you get homesick or anything, you can always come straight back home again,” Maurice fretted as they went outside. A neighbour who was travelling in the direction of the Enchanted Palace Hotel anyway had very kindly offered to take her as close as he could manage, and he was already waiting for her outside. Belle shot him a grateful look before turning to hug her Papa.


“Goodbye, Papa, I’ll be just fine.”


Maurice knew inwardly that he had to let her go. After all, his daughter was no longer a child, she was grown enough to make her own choices about such matters. Still, he reflected, it was hard. He gave her a hug back and wished her well. As the cart rode off towards the forest, the inventor sniffed, wiping back a tear, and made his way back into the cottage, muttering something about “Now, where did I put that screwdriver?”




Jasmine frowned at the map in front of her. Its odd squiggles and swirls meant nothing to her, really, even though she knew they were meant to be roads and paths and rivers. But she was certain that she was now nowhere near where she wanted to be, and there were no road signs anywhere nearby to help her.


Anyone else would have just given up, but Jasmine was a determined young woman and she wasn’t going to let some silly little detail like a defective map delay her from her goal. She stretched and glanced around her, wondering if she would recognise this patch of road again if she were to take a chance and wander off in another direction. Perhaps she ought to leave a trail of thread, like that girl in that story her Mother had used to read to her when she was a child, to help the boy she loved defeat the labyrinth.


She smiled to herself, reminding herself how romantic that story was, and wishing that it might happen for her one day.


That was the whole reason she had booked to spend her Summer at the Enchanted Palace Hotel. According to the brochure it was “A place where memories are born,” and that had to mean that she would meet somebody she could have, if not a Summer romance, then at least a Summer fling with.


Presently, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching her, and turning she saw two peasants, a man and a woman, coming up the road. She hurried up to them.


 “Excuse me, but I don’t suppose you know how to get to the Enchanted Palace Hotel, do you?” she asked.


“The Enchanted Palace?” the man repeated. “Sure, you keep going until you get to the fork in the road and take the one on your right, through the forest. You can’t miss it.”


“Thank you,” Jasmine replied, spinning about and making her way there.




“You’re not going, and that’s final!”




Merida glared at her Mother, feeling like a small child again. This wasn’t fair, when she had been planning this for months, had already booked her room at the Enchanted Palace Hotel for the Summer, had packed everything and collected enough money together to pay for anything essential she would need, and now here was her own Mother, who had often boasted about doing things like this at her age, was refusing to let her go. She resisted the childish urge to stamp her foot.


Eleanor folded her arms. “No, Merida! I mean, I’ve never even heard of this place, the Enchanted Palace Hotel! Where even is it?”


“It’s far away from here!” Merida snapped. “Which is what I need, Mum! I’m suffocating here! I need to be free!”


“Fergus!” Eleanor exclaimed, throwing up her hands. “Tell her! Tell her she can’t do this!”


Fergus sighed. Nothing pained him more than to see his wife and their daughter fighting like cat and dog, and whilst usually he was inclined to agree with his wife, he couldn’t help feeling in this instance that their daughter was the one in the right.


Before he could say anything, though, Merida had shouted back “You used to do things like this all the time when you were my age!”


“Don’t raise your voice at me, Merida!” Eleanor snapped.


“Eleanor,” Fergus began.


“But you can’t just tell me what to do anymore, Mum! I’m not a child!” Merida cried.


“Merida,” Fergus tried, but he was talked over again.  


“You don’t even know where it is you’re going!”


“I’m old enough to make my own decisions!”


“Fergus!” Eleanor appealed again. “Talk to your daughter!”


“Dad!” Merida groaned.


With a hefty sigh, Fergus got to his feet and stumped up to lay his hands on his daughter’s shoulders. “You should go.”


Merida’s face lit up like a sunrise. “You mean it?”


“Fergus!” Eleanor cried.


He turned to her. “It’s her choice, Eleanor. You may not like it, but she’s got to go and live her life, wherever the wind takes her.”


“Thanks, Dad!” Merida gushed, hugging him. “I love you, Mum!” she added, seizing her very bewildered Mother in a hug too before running out of the door.


Eleanor sighed before swatting at her husband. “Honestly, Fergus, I could shoot you sometimes!”


Fergus just laughed.




“See you in six weeks,” Anna grinned, hugging her older sister.


Elsa smiled, returning the hug before turning to her parents. “I will be safe, I promise.”


Her words had a deeper meaning, of course, and they all knew it.


Her Father reached out and laid a hand on her shoulder. “That’s my girl, Elsa,” he smiled.


“Goodbye, love,” her Mother added, kissing her softly.


Elsa nodded and turned, making her way towards the carriage that would take her to the hotel. Once inside, she took a deep breath, feeling the road bump beneath her as the carriage set off, and pulled off her gloves, feeling her hands tingle with her magic.


No one understood how she felt, having these powers and being able to find no one other than her family who could accept that she had them. But, for the first time in forever, she felt that she had the chance to find someone who could, if not a lover then a friend, someone who could see past the cryokinesis and discover the person she was underneath all that.


“Enchanted Palace, here I come,” she muttered.




Belle leapt to the ground and glanced around the area of trees she had arrived in. Waving goodbye to her neighbour, who wished her luck as he left, she turned and made her way forwards through the trees. Soon the hotel was in sight, and her breath hitched in her throat at the sight of it.


It truly was a palace.


“Wow!” she whispered, leaning against one of the trees, and then noticing that she wasn’t alone. Not too far ahead of her, three other girls were staring up at the hotel, all equally as transfixed by it, as if under a spell. Perhaps that’s why the owner had chosen to call it “Enchanted,” because it certainly seemed to have some kind of power over all of them.


Then, one of the girls, the dark one, turned her head as she realised that she wasn’t alone. “Hello,” she smiled.


Belle quickly straightened off her tree as the other girls pulled themselves together too and smiled around at one another.


“Hi,” the girl with the platinum blonde hair, almost white, smiled, shyly.


 “Hey, there,” the girl with the mess of auburn locks, wild and tangled, grinned.


 “Are you guys staying here too?” Belle guessed.


“You bet!” The redhead grinned. “Six whole weeks of Summer away from my parents; I can’t wait!”


“You too?” The dark girl laughed. “I came partly because my Father does keep on fussing over me like I’m still a child! I had to work very hard to get him to let me come here.”


“Tell me about it,” the blonde answered, softly. “This is the first time I’ve ever been away from home before.”


“Me too,” Belle smiled, and then added, “I’m Belle, by the way.”


“I’m Elsa,” Elsa smiled.


“I’m Jasmine,” Jasmine added.


“And I’m Merida,” Merida announced.


They all came close together to look up at the hotel again.


“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Elsa said.


“I just hope it’s not too good to be true,” Jasmine sighed. “I mean, it looks so perfect on the outside; I’d hate for it to be all tumbledown and ruined inside after walking all this way.”


“Ah, it won’t be,” Merida replied, reassuringly. “Have a little faith. Come on, let’s go and check in before it’s too late for us to do so.”


Belle nodded. “The brochure said they have an amazing library.”


“And beautiful gardens,” Jasmine added.


“I just hope they have somewhere to do archery,” Merida replied.


“Wonder what else is on offer for entertainment,” Elsa mused, as they all fell into step with one another and made their way into the hotel.


Inside, it was just as beautiful and enchanting on the outside, and the four girls stopped to look around in awe before a voice from the front desk called “Can I help you?”


They turned to see a very thin but undeniably pretty young woman with purple-brown hair tied up in a thick ponytail, a nail file in one hand and a large register in the other sitting behind the desk. The nametag clipped to her purple uniform read Megara.


“Um, hi,” Elsa stammered, approaching the desk. “We all booked to spend the Summer here, I mean not together, we just...”


“Let’s see,” Megara mused, consulting the register in front of her. “Ok, so one of you is Elsa Arandell?”


“Yes, I am,” Elsa replied.


“And Jasmine Blue?”


“That’s me,” Jasmine smiled.


“And Merida Dunbroch?”


“Right here,” Merida chirped.


“So, you’re Belle French?” Megara finished, looking up at Belle.


“Right,” Belle smiled.


“Good, you’re all on the same floor, makes my job a little easier,” Megara replied, swivelling around in her chair to reach for their keys. “Flour Seven, Rooms 11, 12, 13 and 14.”


“Thanks,” Merida grinned, speaking for all of them as she took her key. “Do we take the stairs or-?”


 “No, the lift’s just over there,” Megara replied, pointing a painted purple fingernail in the right direction. “Breakfast’s served from eight until half ten, lunch from twelve to two and dinner from six until nine, although if you end up missing a meal for whatever reason, you can always go down to the kitchen and beg from Tiana, she won’t mind. If you need any help finding anything, come and ask me or whoever’s on desk at the time.”


“Thank you,” Jasmine smiled, and the four of them turned towards lift, which was an old fashioned one that looked a bit like a rattling birdcage. As they approached, a scrawny woman with a grey complexion dressed in a vast mink overcoat came striding up in her high red shoes and called it. The five of them managed to cram in together with their luggage as well and the newcomer pressed the button for the sixth floor before turning to them.


“Floor Six, too, darlings?” she drawled, an elegant elongated cigarette holder clenched between her teeth, although it wasn’t lit, Belle noticed, having seen the No Smoking signs on their way in.


“No, Seven,” Merida replied.


The woman pressed the button marked 7 with a gloved claw and gave them a wide grin. “First time here?”


“Yes,” Belle answered.


“Oh, you’re going to love it, darlings, I spend every Summer up here with my designs,” the woman replied, tapping her foot to the rhythm of the lift as it began to crank upwards.


“Designs?” Jasmine immediately clapped a hand to her mouth. “Oh, my-You’re not who I think you are, are you?”


“Cruella De Vil, darling, of the House of De Vil,” Cruella replied, extending her free gloved hand as the other took the cigarette holder from her mouth.


“I knew it!” Jasmine exclaimed. “I’ve seen your work in magazines, they’re amazing!”


“Why, thank you, darling,” Cruella purred, glancing them all up and down. “If any of you care to pay my little studio here a visit, you’re more than welcome to. I’m holding a show here in the ballroom on Sunday, free for all, so by all means do come along and observe my latest ideas first hand.”


So saying, she stepped from the lift as it arrived on the Sixth floor and left them.


“Wasn’t she the one who got in trouble a while back because people thought she’d hired someone to kidnap a rare white tiger?” Merida frowned.


“Oh, yes, but she was acquitted,” Jasmine shrugged.


They arrived on Floor Seven, which looked exactly the same as Floor Six, except for the different numbers on the doors.


“Well,” Elsa smiled, nervously, “maybe I’ll see you guys at dinner?”


“Yeah,” Merida agreed, and then they all stepped into their rooms.

Volcano/Let It Go Parody by MedieavalBeabe
Volcano/Let It Go Parody
Imagine Elsa has the power to make volcanoes erupt when she gets angry or loses her temper. For years she gets ridiculed and bullied by other children but doesn't let herself retaliate for fear of burning down the town, until one day she gets pushed over the edge and sets off a volcano. Ironically, though, she finds she doesn't care about them now they're all dying from the lava and ash, and embraces her powers as well as her sweet revenge on all who made her life miserable.



The lava rages down the mountainside tonight

Only ashes to be seen

A kingdom of incineration

And it looks like I’m the Queen

The magma’s spilling like my anger once set free

Tried to hold it back, but it’s too much for me


Take a deep breath

Stay in control

Vulcan knows that I tried to hide my soul

One push too far

Should have let it go

Couldn’t let it go




Can’t hold you back anymore



Time to show them what’s in store

Too long I’ve tried to keep it at bay

Let the world catch fire

Inferno never frightened me anyway


It’s funny how the tables can turn on them so fast

How I set the whole town alight with just one angry blast


It’s time they see what happens when

They hurt me again and again

They run, they hide

But there’s no escape

From the flames




I am one with the roaring fire



See my anger erupting higher

Here I stand and here I fan the flame

Let the world catch fire


My charred heart did its best but it’s too late for me

They’re going to get what’s coming to them, who can disagree?

They can beg all they like but I’ll never forgive

I don’t care if they die, today I start to live




Like a phoenix I’ll rise reborn



You can’t escape the warm

Here I stand, your good girl’s far away

Let the world catch fire

Inferno never frightened me anyway!

Come Whence of the Caspian Sea by MedieavalBeabe
Come Whence of the Caspian Sea
Based on this…

I'm thinking about writing a fanfiction in which Ursula's daughter, Eluned and Morgana's daughter Kenda decide to get revenge on the other merfolk for murdering (and freezing) their mothers by seducing Ariel's son, Adrian, however he and Eluned kind of fall in love leaving Kenda both jealous and bent on revenge...

(Eluned means A Waterfall in Irish, Kenda means Child of Clear, Cool Water in English and Adrian derives from the word Adriatic as in the Adriatic Sea)
If You Can Dream For The First Time in Forever by MedieavalBeabe
If You Can Dream For The First Time in Forever
Promo for If You Can Dream in which the girls sing their take on For the First Time in Forever:

For The First Time In Forever:


Belle: Adventure is waiting

Beyond that door

I’ve never been excited like this before


Jasmine: Who knew Father would actually let me go?


Merida: All my life I’ve wanted to be free

But no one at home understood me


Elsa: Finally maybe I can let it show


Belle: Can’t wait to meet these new people

Though it’ll be a bit strange


All: Finally my life’s about to change

‘Cause For the First Time in Forever


Jasmine: I might meet somebody new


All: For the First Time in Forever


Merida: I might make my dreams come true


Belle: Don’t know if I’m overexcited

But I’ve every right to be


All: ‘Cause For the First time in Forever


Elsa: I’ve a chance to be me


Jasmine (spoken): I can’t wait to meet everyone!


Merida (spoken): I hope they have archery there!


Belle: Tonight, imagine me, books and all

Scaling the top of a castle wall

To rescue a prince from a fairy’s spell


Elsa: Imagine me finding a new friend

Who’s happy to watch me build snowmen

We’d maybe have a snowball fight as well


Jasmine: I could meet a handsome stranger


Merida: I’d shoot to my heart’s content


All: Imagine it happening any moment

‘Cause For the First Time in Forever


Elsa: I can make a brand new start


All: For the First Time in Forever


Merida: I’ll finally follow my heart


Jasmine: And I know it is totally crazy

To dream I’ll find romance


All: But For the First Time in Forever


Belle: At least I’ve got a chance


Elsa: Don’t let them in

Don’t let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be


Merida: It seems

These dreams

Are impossible


Belle: And yet I always hear adventure call


Elsa: But finally today


Jasmine: But finally today


Merida: They’re not so far away


Belle: It’s not so far away


Elsa: Come on, Elsa, no time to delay!


Belle/Jasmine/Merida: Away!


All: For the First Time in Forever


Elsa: I’m going to let somebody in


Merida: I’ve a chance to change my world around


Jasmine: I might meet a Prince or King


Belle: And it’s just for this one Summer

But it all begins today


All: ‘Cause For the First Time in Forever

For the First Time in Forever

Nothing’s in my way!

Coming Soon!

Something In Common by MedieavalBeabe
Something In Common
"So,'re not technically a princess, you're a blonde and your BF gets a guy while you don't? Yay! Someone understands me!"

Elsa and Lottie meet - I think they could be good friends!
Happy Birthday to Tom Hiddleston; hope you're celebrating in style!


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